Monday, March 12, 2012

Obtaining knowledge in other classes!

Today in my walking class lecture, our professor decided to talk about a healthy diet. She discussed things that we should and should not consume. Out of everything she told us, he told us to remember one thing, and that was to try to never consume anything with transfats in them. This is mostly found in frozen pizza and other food that have prolonged storage life. I also learned that the calorie intake is not the same for everyone! It depends on your height and weight an if your athlete or you are not. There are many thing that come into play when determine how much of certain things you need such as calorie, fats, water, carbohydrate intake. I thought it was good not to consume fat, but what I discovered was that it is good to have a little bit of fat in your daily intake because it helps break down certain things in your body according to my professor. I learned so much things from my walking class today that I could use I my paper. I had no idea that my walking class would come in handy for this project!!

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