Thursday, March 22, 2012

Basketball Is Starting Cravings

This week I started up postseason workouts and weights for basketball. With all this activity that I am doing it is making me want to eat all the time. As an athlete you are suppose to eat several times a day, but for me I barely have time to with my schedule. It is hard for me to eat properly when you are trying to get something into your system before I have to workout or go to class. After my workouts are done for the day I am starving. I crave a lot of fattening food that I am not suppose to be eating for my challenge. I am wanting to go back to my dorm and just eat some chips or have something among that nature. I am doing great though with not letting myself do that though. I am just trying to get my mind off of eating and on something else that will distract me like doing my homework. I have to be clearly honest I can not wait till my 30 days are up, so I will be able to just have something that I am craving without feeling guilty. If you guys ever get craving and cheat on something, do you feel guilty?

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